A BOLD hr policy for The Other Agency

Who's that?

Meet The Other Agency. An Antwerp marketing agency that likes to change tack. They dare to set up bold campaigns and even encourage it. They always start from a digital approach to take their clients' communication to the next level. As a digital agency, they understand the added value of tech solutions like no other.

How the Self Service app helps save time

Because processes can be transferred to employees themselves via the Officient platform, processes can run more efficiently. Take, for example, the questioning of remaining vacation days: employees can see this for themselves in their Self Service app and from there also place their request. In this way, the back and forth e-mail between employee, hr and the social secretariat can be avoided. Because of this effectiveness, Evelyn saves valuable time that she can spend on strategic support.

"Officient saves me a lot of time by making my job much more efficient."

Evelyn Broeckx

Opportunities for growth through central reporting

For Jens, Officient means something different: While all business information used to be scattered across Excel files on Drive, it is now in one central place. Ideal for a smooth operation and growth of the digital advertising agency. The trick? By offering Jens insights he can compare salary packages of both individuals and teams. He can gear the company's growth to that.

The Other Agency
10-50 employees
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The Other Agency was looking to improve fragmented data management and accelerate time-consuming processes.


They opted for Officient in order to be able to work more quickly and efficiently from a central system: from leave requests to reporting.