Overview as a thread through Yuki's hr policy

Who's that?

Yuki is a software company with more than 100 employees. They take up the challenge to make accounting sexy again. To do so, they bring together a thorough portion of inventiveness and a digital accounting platform. In this way they not only make accounting easier, but also more fun. Could we do the same for their HR policy? I'd love to.

Always all relevant data at hand

When Ellen used to sit down with colleagues to manage their data, she had to gather that information from spreadsheets or emails. This sometimes yielded inaccurate data and was always time consuming. Now she can centralize and manage all that data in one tool, allowing her to find the data she's looking for at a glance. What assets does the employee use? What is the exact status of his or her salary? What are the latest documents?

"It's especially easy that when you're with an employee, you can see all that person's data at a glance."

Ellen Sano, Managing Director

How overview leads to accurate holiday planning

This overview extends to the holiday planning. On the other hand, Ellen can easily see who is on holiday and when, which is also very important for managers. On the other hand, there is a link with the social secretariat that clearly indicates what the limitations are, how many leave days are still available this year and so on. Because of this clarity, overlaps are avoided and the process is much more accurate.

100-200 employees
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Yuki was looking for more information about assets, wages, documents and leave days.


Thanks to Officient's central system, they can manage all employee data from a single overview.