E-books & Guides

Would you like to delve into a certain hr-topic? Discover in these guides all kinds of initiatives to take your hr processes to the next level.


The e-HRM guide

E-HRM is about hr clouds and hr software, but what does that actually mean and what types of hr tools exist? This guide creates clarity in the e-HRM landscape.


The recruitment and selection guide

How do you recruit the right people? How do you deal with the war for talent? How do you work with a freelancer? This guide gives recruitment and selection the necessary attention.


The onboarding guide

In this guide you will find all our insights and ideas on onboarding, online onboarding, reboarding and offboarding. From theory to tangible advice.


The performance management guide

90% of the on-board and performance interviews turn out to be unsuccessful. How are you supposed to do it? On this page you will find everything about performance management.


The compliance guide

Compliance with the law is essential for any business. In this guide, you'll learn how to better deal with compliance through social legislation and useful tips.


The hr analytics guide

How does hr analytics help your business? And how do you convert these hr metrics and insights into actions? This guide helps you on your way and gives you a concrete example: the Bradford factor.


The payroll guide

Discover in this guide how the payroll process works, how you can measure it and what the role of the social secretariat is. Including our best tips.


How healthy is your business?

In 3 parts this e-book offers you the 3 most important pillars to measure and improve the health of your SME. Expect a practical guide with lots of tips and examples.


The e-HRM manual

In this ebook we create clarity in the e-HRM landscape. What are its characteristics and what variants exist? How to use e-HRM optimally? What can you gain?


The Onboarding Manual

In this e-book we bring together all our ideas and insights on onboarding. From theory to tangible advice. This way you will make a lasting first impression on new employees.


Digitisation report for Belgian SMEs

Where do Belgian SMEs stand in the digitisation of hr? How satisfied are they with the initiatives already taken? And on which challenges do they want to focus even more strongly?


Starting with hr software for SMEs

What hr software is available? Which one suits your SME best? Discover in this e-book how to choose, implement and benefit from an hr tool.


6 tips for better performance appraisals

This e-book gives you 6 specific tips for your performance management. Discover how to bring out the best in your employees with a 360° evaluation process.