đź‘‹ Hi, we're Officient.

We help SMEs get more out of hr administration.
More overview, collaboration, impact and support.

By offering an integrated hr platform, we make payroll and personnel administration smooth and clear, and encourage SMEs to improve their business with hr data. In this way, we occupy a unique position within the hr-technology landscape.

Our Values

Flexibility for impact

You decide when you arrive (or leave) at the office. You have the freedom to determine when you are most productive, when you need a break, and to organize your work schedule accordingly.

You decide where to do your work. You can work remotely from home or even from abroad.

Importantly, flexibility works in both directions and always with respect to our customers', partners’ and other team members' needs (e.g., support hours).

Openness for growth

We strive to provide open and transparent communication. For example, we organize a monthly company meeting to inform team members about our progress and goals.

Transparent feedback fuels our growth as individuals, as teams and as a company. We always aim to deliver feedback in a direct, constructive and respectful manner. We value regular check-ins and performance reviews to enable such feedback.

Finally, openness ripples into our product. We strive to facilitate effective and transparent work relationships between employers and their workforce (e.g., via the Self Service app).

Feel at home

When you step into Officient's office in Ghent, you immediately get a feel of our culture. Our office provides a homely atmosphere where it's pleasant to perform great work, with opportunity to relax between focused stretches of work.

Feeling at home also means being yourself. We value diversity in perspectives, in appearance (suit up versus flip-flops), in food preferences (yeah, an open fridge!), and in expertise (from payroll to ping-pong).