Streamline HR processes from A to Z

Never forget an important step: the modules below allow you to pour
HR processes into fixed structures.


Create an onboarding or offboarding workflow: a digital onboarding checklist with to-do's and deadlines. When a task is completed, you tick it off. If a task approaches the deadline, you get a notification. Also assign tasks to colleagues to integrate employees in the team. Let employees fill in their own data. You can also extend this way of working with workflows to other HR processes.

Performance Reviews

Without a record of the performance review, this HR process misses its purpose. Easily create notes of the feedback and action points in Officient. Share these with the employee in the Self Service and evaluate them during the next performance review. This way, you increase the impact of your performance management.


Share announcements with your entire team quickly and effectively. You can include these messages in the weekly update for employees so that they also receive all relevant HR information. You can also send them out separately to a specific team. In this way, we promote the employee experience with smooth internal communication between employers, HR and employees.


You do not need to read a manual or take training to get started with the tool. Both the HR Platform and the Self Service app are self-explanatory.

Dedicated to your success

Have any questions? You can contact our Customer Success team via our live chat. They are ready to provide you with expertise and tips to get the most out of our tool.

100% secured

You work with sensitive data, which is why we do everything we can to secure it in accordance with GDPR. With pin codes, rights management and 2FA, we ensure that the data remains in the right hands.

Available everywhere

Whether you are in the office, at home or on the road, you can use the tool anywhere and anytime. Via the desktop on your desk, but also via the smartphone in your pocket.

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"Officient is the most efficient solution to scale your HR organisation."
Thibaut Vanderhofstadt
CEO & Co-founder Sortlist
"The purchase of Officient was a no-brainer. As an SME owner, I had to do a lot of payroll administration myself. While now most of these processes can be automated."
Stijn Blomme
Managing Director, webdoos
"The integrated approach, all employee data in one place. Even digital signing is provided. This is HR administration mastered at a new level."
Marc De Swaef
Managing director ACCEL
"With Officient, we finally have a user-friendly overview of all our HR data and a way to gain insights quickly."
Evelyn Broeckx
Office manager Foreach
"Thanks to Officient, we can manage the entire hard side of HR (contracts, salary information, personal data...) all from one platform."
Fé Zenner
HR & finance manager intuo
"An intuitive solution that still amazes us in terms of its impact on our office and HR management.
Steven Pepermans
COO & co-founder Dropsolid