Efficiently manage employees
from a centralized system

Save time collecting and adding personnel data and documents. Centralize all HR data and let employees manage their own.

Import, centralize and manage data

Once everything is setup with your payroll provider, your data is automatically imported into the hr-tool. This data is stored in one central system from which you can manage it. You can then fill out any missing information yourself and add custom fields according to the information you want to track. Involve employees by letting them manage their own data in the Self Service app.

Easily set days off limits

Either we import the days off limits of the payroll provider or you set them up manually. Subsequently add additional types of leave that apply to your company. Based on the collected and configured limits and the leave booked, you will get a visual representation of everyone's leave counters. This way, employees can use the Self Service to see which leave they are allowed to take and how much.

What do our customers think?

How does your company store HR data of employees and the organization? Do you mainly use different excels and paper? Delphine, manager at SME team admin boost, tells us how she solved this challenge with Officient.

Assign assets and keep track of them

Assign necessary resources, such as smartphones, company cars or any software, to employees. In the HR Platform you also keep a complete overview of which employee has which assets and when they expire. So you always know what is available and what is in circulation.

Officient gives us a simple and clear overview of most HR processes. It is easy to use and gathers all information (from documents, contracts to specific assets) in one platform.
Katrien Seuntjens
International business director Coolio International
Our colleagues can find everything in the self service and are responsible themselves for address changes. As HR director I now get more time to focus on other important HR matters and we save a ton on administrative costs.
Susan Maertens
Hr Director Davo Group

Centralize documents within a digital archive

Share important documents with your employees. Decide which documents you want to pin down in the Self Service so employees can access them anytime. Need a document from an employee, an identity card for example? Ask them to upload it via their Self Service. This way, all documents end up in one and the same place.

Integration payroll provider

Connect your payroll provider and we will retrieve all data from your employees.

Live support via chat

Need help with Officient? Contact our customer success team via chat in the HR platform.

100% online

Use Officient wherever you want. Both the HR platform as well as the Self Service. Everything is stored online.

Mobile friendly

Officient can be consulted on any type of device. Desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Define access easily

Give access to key stakeholders in the company and determine what they can see.

More than 4000 satisfied SMEs

Thousands of SMEs use Officient as their primary tool for HR administration. Your company soon too?

customer stories

More than 5000 companies choose Officient

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"Officiently is the most effective solution to scale your HR organization."
Thibaut Vanderhofstadt
CEO & Co-founder Sortlist
"The purchase of Officient was a no-brainer. As an SME owner, I had to do a lot of payroll administration myself. While now most of these processes can be automated."
Stijn Blomme
business manager web box
"We love the integrated approach of having all employee data in one place. We can now get contracts signed electronically. This is mastering HR administration on a whole new level."
Marc De Swaef
Managing director ACCEL
"Officient offers us a user-friendly overview of all our HR data and a way to quickly gain insights."
Evelyn Broeckx
Office manager Foreach
"Thanks to Officient, we can manage the entire hard side of HR (contracts, payroll information, personal data...) with one platform."
Fé Zenner
HR & finance manager intuo
"Officient is a very intuitive solution. We are still amazed by the positive impact it has had on the operation of our office and HR management."
Steven Pepermans
COO & co-founder Dropsolid