For large enterprises

Employees with different statuses, branches across national borders? Keep everything on track with Officient.

  • Automate your leave processing
  • Centralise all data
  • Structure your onboarding process
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Simplifying the processing of performance

Who is absent when? With how many employees you have, leave planning becomes a real hassle. Process your performance in a clear calendar that shows you the staffing per team, per country.

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Manage HR data from one central location

Searching for the data of your employees, freelancers, internationals... Searching through a chaos of hundreds of documents is too time-consuming. Store and manage all data within one system.

Discover Centralisation

Faster and more complete onboarding

A new employee means new data, new contracts and documents that need to be put in order quickly. Automate your onboarding so that the process is always timely and complete.

Discover Onboarding
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Officient saves mails, forgetfulness and misplacing documents. Everything is in your pocket.

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HR responsible
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Offer autonomy to employees

Officient also helps you to get your employees excited about certain HR tasks. The handy Self Service app makes it easy for employees to perform relevant tasks themselves, in the language they prefer. Currently, we offer Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, and Turkish.

  • Days off requests
  • Download payslip
  • Manage data
  • Manage data

Link your existing HR tools

Finally, to complete the package, we integrate with your favourite HR and payroll tools. New talent recruited via Recruitee? Then that data automatically arrives in Officient. Want to send in performance data at the end of the month? One click and all data is sent to your social secretariat.

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