User-friendly HR platform for HR companies

Not enough time to really focus on what HR is all about? Simplify your administration with Officient and put your employees first.

  • Automate sick and leave requests
  • Centralise data
  • Structure your onboarding process

Keep track of leave and sick days

Keep track of leave, illness and birthdays? Process your performance with a clear calendar: use different leave types and find out at a glance who is absent or has a birthday.

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Manage all HR data from one place

You want to get rid of a thousand different Excel spreadsheets, paper contracts, unfriendly tools and the frustrations they cause. Store and manage all your employees' data in one digital place.

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Faster and more complete onboarding

You want to be able to see the forest through the trees when there is an influx of new talent. Automate your onboarding via a digital checklist and process all administration in a timely and complete manner.

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