User-friendly HR platform for industrial companies

A new day's contract to repair a pipe? A clear view of the staffing? Officient ensures that everything is in order and that your people can get to work quickly.

  • Speed up contract processing
  • Centralise data
  • Automate leave input

Process documents and contracts faster

You process a whole bunch of contracts and documents every day. Is the pile of paper or the overflowing inbox piling up again and are you losing the overview and efficiency? Process and send documents easily via a tool and avoid mistakes.

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Centralise data from different statutes and branches

Is it really necessary and convenient to use a different tool for each branch? And what about white-collar workers versus blue-collar workers? Store and manage all data in one integrated system, regardless of branch or status.

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Automating the input of leave

Entering and checking data concerning leave and illness, it takes more time than you would like. Keep track of all your achievements in a conveniently arranged calendar that you can send to your social secretariat with a few clicks at payroll time.

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