How Aaltra does error-free HR administration


Aaltra has 15 years of experience in connecting people with machines. They start from one vision: to improve lives through smart devices and digital products. By combining design, technology and business value from the start, they create a product that really works.

Time-consuming HR administration

HR has always been important to Pieter-Paulus and business partner Ciel. From the beginning, they have invested time in building a culture where employees feel heard and appreciated. Still, the more administrative side of that HR coin proved challenging. Tracking leave, illness, training and other special days had to be done in different documents. If someone needed a document, one of the two co-founders had to be called in. Since everyone had their own Dropbox structure, it was always a hassle. Fortunately, that's when they learned about Officient!

We used to do our HR administration in Excel and Word documents in Dropbox. It was quite chaotic and maintaining the structure required a lot of time. Moreover, mistakes easily crept in when filling in the calendar and leave days. Officient is really a breath of fresh air for us.

Pieter-Paulus Vertongen


Empowering employees

Aaltra employees now designate in their calendar which days they are absent, as well as when they work at home or in the office, and how many days they spend on training and hackatons. In fact, at Aaltra they get 100h to work on projects they find interesting, and this free training time is very important to Pieter-Paulus. "People sometimes don't dare to take up all the hours, but because we also have access to their calendar we can encourage them to do so." The Self Service app is also appreciated in other areas. Requesting assets yourself, signing digital (internship) contracts, and retrieving all documents centrally is a hit. "Once there was an employee who was at the inspection with his car and had forgotten an insurance document. He called me, all stressed out, but I was able to remind him that everything could nicely be found in Officient. Truly ideal."

10-50 employees
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January 22, 2020


HR administration was time-consuming and small mistakes due to manual work were frustrating


Officient lets employees fill out their own calendars and automates payroll processing