Process all payroll administration in one platform

Reduce payroll administration spread across paper files, spreadsheets and mailboxes. Centralize and send all required payroll administration with one tool.

Create a profile for new employees

Are you welcoming a new employee? Then start of with creating a new employee profile. With this profile you can easily add an employment contract and extra information. This will give you and your employees insight into their wage data and their complete wage package: from gross salary to fringe benefits.

  • Automatically transmit all necessary data to submit the Dimona declaration
  • Send all payroll administration to your account manager in one go. This is possible thanks to a powerful integration with your payroll provider
  • Ask employees to add or modify their personal data themselves in the Self Service
  • Collaborate with employees with different types of contracts: white-collar workers, blue-collar workers and freelancers

Approve leave with a visual calendar overview

Give managers the ability to approve leave requests . They receive the request directly in their Manager Self Service and can approve or deny them. Via the calendar you can track all vacation days, sick days and overtime in a handy overview. As an HRmanager you are now always aware of who worked when.

  • Keep track of all vacation and sick days of your employees
  • Give employees insight into how much leave they can use and allow them to put in the request themselves
  • Ask employees to upload their sick note via the Self Service app
  • Keep track of overtime and corresponding limits in the calendar and determine proper compensation

What do our customers think?

As an HR manager, do you have to check worked hours and leave for each employee every month?
Els, HR and Finance at Pilz Belgium, tells us how she tackled this challenge with Officient.

Manage expenses digitally and in one overview

Let employees submit their expenses via the Self Service app by taking a photo or uploading a file. With each request you receive a notification in your inbox where you can see at a glance which expenses you still need to approve.

* At the moment expenses cannot be exported and are not automatically forwarded to your social secretary.

  • Give employees insight into the status of their expense reports: from "in queue" to "approved
  • Keep track of all expenses and their follow-up in the HR platform

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"What I love is the flexibility of the product. I can configure it the way I want, according to the needs of each country."

Enora Herbillon

International HR Manager, Sortlist
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"In the long run, I too often became the bottleneck, the middle man to adjust HR administration. The independence of my people is one of the biggest gains for Flow Pilots."

Dewi Van De Vyver

CEO, Flow Pilots

Add wage information and send it without extra paperwork

Enter the time worked by your employees via the HR tool. Easily add extra wage information or wage components. At the end of the month you'll send all payroll administration in one go to your payroll provider for accurate calculation of the wages. All from one system.

  • Smoothly adjust worked hours in the weekly schedule for blue-collar workers and employees with variable pay
  • Add one-time benefits such as premiums and send the necessary data together with payroll

Check wage calculations and easily distribute pay slips*.

As soon as the payroll provider has entered all the information for the wage calculations in the wage engine, these will be processed and you will receive a new item with all the statements in your inbox via the HR platform.

* Only possible with certain links. Discover more here.

  • Receive copies of all wage calculations. This gives you an overview which allows you to quickly correct any errors

Payroll, simplified.

Facilitate the entire payroll process

  • Send all necessary data for the Dimona declaration with a single click
  • Work together with blue- and white-collar employees, interns and freelancers without problems
  • Gather all payroll information in one tool: from gross wages to wage components
  • View payroll statements and distribute pay slips via the Self Service

Payroll calendar

  • Have managers approve leave via the team calendar
  • Adjust worked hours by blue-collar workers in an easy-to-use weekly schedule
  • Maintain an overview of holidays, sick days and overtime
  • Send all information about the time worked to the payroll provider in full.

Payroll administration in the Self Service app

  • Employees can add to their own personal data
  • Employees can check their leave limits
  • Employees can request leave quickly
  • Employees can easily consult their pay slips

Integration payroll provider

Connect your payroll provider and we'll retrieve all data from your employees.

Live support via chat

Need help with Officient? Contact our customer success team via chat in the HR platform.

100% online

Use both the Officient HR platform as well as the Self Service online. Everything is stored in the cloud.

Mobile friendly

Officient can be consulted on any type of device. Desktop, tablet as well as a smartphone.

Define access easily

Give access to key stakeholders in the company and setup what they can see.



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"Officiently is the most effective solution to scale your HR organization."
Thibaut Vanderhofstadt
CEO & Co-founder Sortlist
"The purchase of Officient was a no-brainer. As an SME owner, I had to do a lot of payroll administration myself. While now most of these processes can be automated."
Stijn Blomme
Managing Director, webdoos
"We love the integrated approach of having all employee data in one place. We can now get contracts signed electronically. This is mastering HR administration on a whole new level."
Marc De Swaef
Managing director ACCEL
"Officient offers us a user-friendly overview of all our HR data and a way to quickly gain insights."
Evelyn Broeckx
Office manager Foreach
"Thanks to Officient, we can manage the entire hard side of HR (contracts, payroll information, personal data...) with one platform."
Fé Zenner
HR & finance manager intuo
"Officient is a very intuitive solution. We are still amazed by the positive impact it has had on the operation of our office and HR management."
Steven Pepermans
COO & co-founder Dropsolid