Monitor performance and growth closely

Support your employees' development with performance review templates. Allow employees to request their own training and keep an eye on certificates to be renewed.

"It used to take two people about 30 days to complete a performance review cycle, now it takes one person about 10 days. A huge difference!"

Anabela Coutinho Fonseca

Head of People Experience at Wooclap

Evaluate with performance reviews

Send personalized questionnaires in preparation for performance reviews, have reviews verified by employees and increase the success rate of follow-up calls.

  • Easily schedule performance reviews
  • Full transparency between employee, manager and HR
  • Collect feedback through personalized questionnaires
  • Set up automatically repeating reviews

Grow employees with training

Encourage employee growth with training. Set reminders for certificates that need to be renewed. Allow employees to request their own training.

  • Employees request training through the Self Service app
  • Know which certificates need to be renewed
  • Keep an eye on who is taking what training
  • Additional fields help you keep track of all the information