Are you taking your first steps in the HR profession and looking for advice? Or are you an experienced HR professional who likes to keep your finger on the pulse? In this FAQ you will find answers to all your questions.


What does your paycheck say?
What is a Dimona declaration?
What is a cafeteria plan?
How is holiday pay calculated?
Why are fringe benefits more interesting than a raise?
Is my bicycle allowance taxed?
How does the mobility budget differ from the mobility allowance?
What is the role of your payroll provider?
Why is transparency in your wage policy important?
What are the do's and don'ts when an employee requests a raise?
What is voluntary overtime and how do you compensate it?


What are best practices for remote onboarding?
What are the most important steps of the onboarding process?
How does an SME benefit from a well-planned onboarding process?

Team management

Why is an organisational chart useful for your team management?
What is the difference between the appraisal review and the performance review?
What does the OKR method entail?

HR analytics

What are HR analytics?
What types of absenteeism can you identify?
How do you calculate and interpret the Bradford Factor?