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Mr. Hr is a fascinating profession. These webinars prove it. From practical tips for recognisable situations to innovative visions and inspiring guests. Discover it all here.

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Building a Healthy Business through a Healthy Company Culture.

Jean-Charles Samuelian-Werve, CEO of Alan, uses his expertise in healthcare and his unique vision of corporate culture to answer the question that burns on everyone's lips: How do you build a healthy business?

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How Covid-19 will change our workplace forever

Frederik Anseel is arming your management against the implications of the corona crisis. Because when 30 of the world's most distinguished management professors look into the impact of Covid-19 on our workplace, we'd better listen.

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The role of HR in 2021

Employees are more resilient than ever and expect a different way of management. Together with Intuo we look at how the role of hr evolves: Which processes lose or gain importance? Which skills become necessary?

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Future proofing HR: Which mindset, skillset and toolset does HR need?

What skillset does the hr professional of the future need? Lesley Arens sheds light on the influence that digitisation can have on hr. She teaches you how to combine the basics, the business and that new skillset, and how to colour outside the lines from time to time.

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How to successfully board new employees remotely

How do you translate the onboarding process to a remote environment? How do you create a digital connection between new employees and your company? How do you make sure you don't overwhelm them, but support them sufficiently? Our own hr-manager shares her experience.

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