Assign assets to employees and keep track of the location of work assets.
Draft contracts quickly and have employees sign digitally.
Always keep an overview of open tasks, absences and important events.
Job function
Enter the employee's job title.
Set reminders for yourself and your colleagues for tasks that should definitely not be forgotten.
Indicate who the employee's manager is.
Employee Profile
Collect all relevant information of an employee in a personal profile.
Receive notification when data and information is added or changed.
Group employees into departments and classify your employees even more conveniently.
Note which software systems the employee has access to.
Specify the team which an employee belongs too.
Create templates for contracts and reuse them with new employees.
Open Fields
Add additional information as you choose, such as shoe size or allergies.
Keep an overview of the company fleet: cars, bicycles, motorcycles and more.
Make on and offboardings more efficient and track processes easily.


Certificates of Absence
Request absence certificates from your employees and approve them.
Draw up contracts and have employees sign them digitally.
Upload important documents and easily share them with an employee, a segment, or the company.
Linking documents
Upload documents linked to a car, an asset, a performance review.
Stay up to date on documents to expire and training to renew.
Organize your documents in a convenient folder structure.
Expense Notes
Have employees submit expense reports and approve or disapprove them.
Link contracts directly to an asset and have them signed by the owner.
Load automatic data of individuals into your contract templates.
Create templates for contracts and reuse them for new employees.
Required files
Request important documents from your employees.

Payroll administration

Summary of pay slips*
Get an overview of all wage calculations. This way you can quickly correct any errors.
Audit logs
View changes to performance, leave limits, and wage components.
Add budgets for training, assets, travel and others.
Send all necessary data for submitting the dimona declaration automatically.
One-time wage components
Add one-time benefits and send related data together with payroll information.
Approval manager
Set up that manager can approve leave through their team calendars and Self Service.
View an employee's evolution in pay over time.
Integration payroll provider
Send the calendar integrally to your social secretary via a powerful link.
Wage circle
Quickly check the individual payroll cost per employee.
Receive a notification when employees request leave or report sick days.
Have your expenses paid through your payroll provider.
Keep track of overtime in the calendar and determine how compensation works.
Different employee contracts
Easily set up a contract with white-collar workers, blue-collar workers and freelancers.
Weekly schedule
Easily adapt worked hours for labourers and employees with variable pay.
* These functionalities are only possible with certain integrations. Read more about it here.

Performance & Growth

Performance Reviews
Keep records of performance reviews on the platform and in the Self Service app.
Add certificates and set reminders when to renew them.
Share notes between HR and the manager that you can review year after year.
Training courses
Add ongoing training courses and budgets per employee.
Requesting training
Have employees request training courses. Approve them or have them approved by a manager.
Verify reviews
Have employees verify reviews for 100% transparency.
Forward prepared questionnaires via Self Service to manager and employee.


Automatic mail
Never forget another employees birthday and automatically send a birthday email.
Set up messages in the app and send them via email to selected teams.
Linking with MS Teams
Officient automatically announces new starters, birthdays and absences in your chosen MS Teams channel.
Linking with Slack
Officient automatically announces new starters, birthdays and absences in your chosen Slack channel.
Weekly digest
Send out weekly automatic updates to the entire team.


Number of FTEs
Measure attrition in your organization using this simple chart.
Number of employees
See how many employees are employed.
Review the average years of service of your employees.
Payment schedule
See how much you pay monthly, including end-of-year bonuses, holiday pay and fleet costs.
Bradford factor
Investigate whether employees report sick more often for shorter periods of time.
Fuel type
See how green your fleet is.
Export reports
Export key data and insights.
Average age
View the average age of your employees
Gender ratio
Review gender relations in your organization
Wage costs
Track how much you pay per employee by team, country or gender. Track wage trends.
Training days
Verify that training days are distributed equally across the company.
Organizational chart
Automatically visualize business structure according to teams and managers.
Consult overtime per team. This way you can quickly find out if the workload is too high somewhere.
Self Service usage
Check who installed and used the Self Service app.
Vacation day limits
Gain insights into who plans their holidays and when.
Who lives where
See on an international map where your colleagues live.
Sick days
Measure absenteeism through this handy overview of recorded sick days.

Self Service app

Certificates of Absence
Submit your absence certificates online for sick days.
Keep track of what assets the company provides for you. Request an additional asset when needed.
Upload documents
Consult or add the necessary documents yourself. From certificates to sick notes.
Sign contracts electronically
Sign your employment contract and other important policies from the mobile app.
Bike days and work-at-home days
Provide bike days or let your colleagues know when you work from home.
Performance Reviews
Always refer back to records of previous performance reviews and complete questionnaires.
Consult data
Manage your own data. This way you quickly update a new address, bank account number or errors.
HR duties
Receive reminders from your HR manager when you need to complete a certain task.
Download paycheck*
Consult or download your payslip via the Self Service.
Wage circle
See what your salary package is composed of and what benefits you receive.
Team managers
Give managers appropriate responsibilities. Have them approve leave, initiate performance reviews and approve requests.
Submit expense reports and stay updated on status.
Training courses
Check which course you have already followed or request a new one.
Vacation day requests
See how much leave you can take and send your request.
Who is who
Find out who your colleagues are and how the organization is structured.
* These functionalities are only possible with certain integrations. Read more about it here.