Communicate with all employees

Announcements of team builds, a new policy or letting you know which colleagues' birthdays... easily send messages to the entire company, a specific team or a few employees.

"We use Officient to inform employees. It used to be a real tangle to communicate with everyone. Now it's easy to reach everyone quickly."

Julie De Baerdemaeker

HR Professional at Gardec Group

Send messages to your organization

Schedule your communications better than ever before. Write messages and send them automatically at your chosen time. To the entire organization or to separate teams.

  • Schedule and send emails automatically
  • To the entire company or selected teams

Weekly email for transparency

Give your employees weekly automatic updates of absences, new starters, and birthdays with the Weekly Digest. Add your own messages as needed.

  • An overview of employee news every Monday
  • Add your own messages
  • Remind employees of open tasks

Stay up to date on birthdays

On your Officient HR Platform, you'll see upcoming birthdays, allowing you to arrange a card or extra gift in time! No time? Officient automatically sends an email with congratulations.

  • Never forget a birthday again
  • Add your own congratulations to emails