All documents always available

Keep an overview with a digital archive that also links to employee profiles, fleet and assets. Give employees access to relevant documents in the Self Service app.

"We used to have cabinets full of folders, excel lists, each colleague with their own system... It was difficult to stay up to date and we lost a lot of time looking things up."

Leen Lehoucke

Personnel manager at Gardec Group

Centralize documents in a single digital archive

No more wasting time with your documents. Centralize and digitize all documents, give employees access to relevant documents and let them upload doctor's notes themselves.

  • Share documents with employees via the Self Service app
  • Share documents with a group of collaborators
  • Let employees add their own doctor's notes
  • Link documents not only to employees but also to assets, cars, performance reviews,...

Addressing contracts digitally

Build templates for contracts quickly and easily. Personal information is automatically populated by data in Officient. Get everything signed digitally.

  • Reusable contract templates and automatic data entry in Officient
  • Digital contract signing (with option through Itsme)
  • Automatic reminder of contracts to be signed via email
  • Send contract updates to your employee database

Manage expenses digitally

Let employees submit expenses digitally via the Self Service app, and after approval by the person in charge, you determine the method of compensation payment.

  • Give employees access to the status of their expense reports
  • Have expenses paid via monthly payroll processing