How Apixa is getting their HR in line with Officient


Apixa is a spin-off from KU Leuven, specializing in computer vision and deep learning. They offer solutions for artificial intelligence, imaging technologies, hyperspectral imaging, 3D vision, optical system design, calibration services, edge & cloud computing and GPU processing. As a progressive company in tech, they needed HR software to match.

Growing company with expanding HR needs

It's a situation familiar to every growing company: more employees join the company and HR's workload grows exponentially. After Geert Mortier, strategic HR consultant and business developer, joined the team at Apixa, it became clear to him that it was time to look for HR software. That's how he ended up at Officient. Until then, HR was not handled in a centralized way at Apixa. All documents were in separate folders, and the HR team had to constantly keep each other informed of changes in order to keep an overview. And that lack of overview occasionally caused problems. "Before, assets sometimes went missing because no one remembered what was where. Now we keep track of everything in Officient: the serial numbers, the person's name, extras..." So before the activation of Officient, there was a lot of ambiguity.

There was a central Excel sheet that something had gone wrong with before. We constantly had to keep each other up to date with each other's copies so that everyone was aware of all the leave days, contracts, onboarding... But now everything happens in Officient, which allows us to work independently of each other and still have everything correct.

Geert Mortier

HR consultant

Radically reducing manual processes

The implementation of Officient brought other benefits. Thanks to the contracts module, pre-onboarding can already be done, which saves a lot of time. As a result, the whole process runs more smoothly. "Onboarding can be started in advance, and the process takes less time. Because of the automation, we have more time to spare." Apixa is working a lot with cutting edge technology, so a lot of training is done internally. Thanks to Officient, it is now also possible to see from each other who has taken training courses, which courses and on what subject. The big advantage is that knowledge-sharing is also easier internally. And the employees are fans too. They can arrange their own homework and leave days, which has proved to be a big bonus, especially since the Corona crisis. It also takes a lot of manual work away from the HR team.

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November 2019


There was no central HR system for a fast-growing company


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