At Around Media, HR grows at their pace


Around Media turns real estate into an interactive experience by using innovative technologies. They focus on 3D and virtual reality to take digital communication to a higher level. Thanks to their smart developments, you can visit a house online and decorate it to your heart's content. As a market leader, they are growing fast, and so is their HR.

How centralized data tracks the company's growth

The more employees, the more complex project planning becomes. Who is present when and has which assets assigned? In the tool Wannes can easily store the fast growing amount of data, from material to leave days. As a result, he always knows the availability of his employees and can manage multiple projects. Moreover, he also keeps an overview of all valid policies. In this way, everything can be quickly put back in order if something goes wrong.

We needed a solution to keep track of everything correctly. Officient was the only tool that filled that need.

Wannes Verspranghe


Easily export to a new payrol provider

Around Media wanted to switch to a different payroll provider for some time, but kept postponing it. After all, changing payroll provider is not always easy. With Officient everything could be exported. This meant that the effort required to make the switch was reduced to the bare essentials and they could quickly get back to work after making the switch.

Around Media
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As a fast-growing company, Around media wanted to find a way to keep track of all HR data correctly.


Officiently centralizes their data in a well-organized system that can grow with them.