How CaptainWork supported their rapid growth with Officient


Unlike just about everyone else in the market, they are not targeting active job seekers, but rather latent job seekers. The people who already have a job, but who may be open to a new challenge if given an attractive job opening. The recipe for success is as simple as it is clear: you make a difference by focusing on a combination of employer branding & HR marketing! In the past two years, the company has grown strongly, and Officient supported the process by simplifying their HR administration.

Saving time in HR administration

At the fast-growing company CaptainWork, Yves Hoydonckx has to make good use of his time. Using Officient helps him work more efficiently and onboard employees better. "Almost everything is now drafted and signed digitally. If we still do something on paper, we scan it so we have everything centralized in Officient." Centralizing all administration also gave Yves more time to support his colleagues in other HR aspects.

"We use Workflows for on- and offboardings. The reminders and deadlines really make my life easier. For example, we recently started offering hospitalization insurance, and now it's impossible to forget to start it up for the new colleague."

Yves Hoydonckx

Office Manager

Get tasks done faster

Employees now request their own leave through the Self Service app. Previously, this had to be done via email and they had to wait for a reply, which took up valuable time. "It is convenient and works smoothly, and it is pleasant to be able to put certain tasks in the hands of the employees," says Yves. The employees get their HR matters taken care of faster and are better informed about everything that's going on. The communication module is also used more than e-mail for internal communication. "It's just easier."

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November 25, 2021


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