How Columbus Group is always up-to-date with 1 click


Columbus Group is an independent wealth planner and financial expert for medical professions. They want to proactively support the industry by taking care of medical companies financially in order to optimize their growth as well. To achieve their goals, they place their employees at the center and this is where Officient lends a hand.

Speed and efficiency

When Ilaria Musardo started at Columbus Group,as Head of People, she immediately discovered a number of stumbling blocks. Ellenong Excel files, 1001 folders and endless administration. She needed software that could structurally take over the hard HR processes from her so she could focus on her employees and their job happiness. While searching for the right tool, she spoke to a colleague who praised Officient. She got in touch and indicated now that her decision was quickly made. This had mainly to do with the speed of communication and the young dynamic people she came into contact with: fast and efficient. Her endless Excel file with all kinds of data and 1001 folders were now finally a thing of the past. She could now focus on creating structure in the HR processes.

I have only had a problem with the software once. This was then fixed within 3 minutes by the customer service team. This is the first time I have had such a positive experience with software. Hats off, I really couldn't live without Officient.

Ilaria Musardo

Head of People

Up to date with 1 click

Before, the to do's were written down everywhere and nowhere, but now Ilaria opens Officient first thing in the morning. That way, in just one click, she's up to date and has her to-do list to hand. That way, she has more time to focus on other things and nothing gets overlooked. For Columbus Group, Officient is not only a facilitator of the hard side of HR, the human aspect also comes to the forefront. This means that no anniversary, onboarding, or contract change goes unnoticed. At Columbus Group, Officient is used a lot. The Self-Service app is very popular and employees no longer come to Ilaria's desk for the smallest thing. In addition, the 'personal touches', such as sharing their favorite dish, are also enjoyed in the app. A win-win for both the HR team and the employees!

Columbus Group
10-50 employees
Customer since
October 2021


Finding a solution to scattered HR data, many detours and complex tasks for employees


In Officient all HR administration comes together in one place that is easily accessible