Efficiency and transparency gains through a user-friendly HR Platform


Ever since its opening in 2002, the Concert building has been an icon in Bruges. It is one of the world's 1001 'to see before you die' buildings. Its renowned architecture, fantastic acoustics, art collection and programme make it a vibrant meeting place for more than 150,000 visitors a year.

An automated and digital process from leave application to payment

In the past, all leave requests were still made on paper. A note was printed out, given to the coordinator to sign, after which it was deposited in HR's mailbox. You can imagine that this involved too much manual work. Isabelle, Legal & HR Manager, was therefore looking for a system that could automate and digitise this process. When she saw how efficient this was with Officient and the Employee app, she was quickly convinced of the positive impact of a user-friendly tool.

"The central management of HR documents is also a great added value. In the past, everything was stored in various folders and you sometimes had to think about where what was. In the folder of the person or the folder of the specific process? Now we (HR and colleagues) can easily find everything in Officient's digital personnel file."

Isabelle D'Hooghe

HR and Legal Affairs Coordinator

Give employees easy and transparent access to their HR data

How much leave do I have left? Can you send me this document? Isabelle recognises it well, the emails that are constantly being sent back and forth between HR and employees asking for certain information and documents. In the Officient Employee app, employees can now easily consult all this themselves. For Concertgebouw Brugge, this is a major efficiency gain.

Concert Hall Bruges
50-100 employees
Culture & Education
Customer since
5 October 2020


Automate and digitise inefficient HR processes and give employees access to their data.


With Officient, they were able to optimise their leave request process and replace numerous folders with a digital and dynamic personnel file.