How Continuum took the manual labor out of their HR administration with Officient


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Manual HR administration

Bart Waterlot, HR COO at Continuum, is manager and responsible for much of the HR administration. In 2019, the company's strong growth meant that the situation was no longer sustainable. "HR administration was as manual as it gets. Everything was on Google Drive, in different folders, but employees had no insight into their personal data, and leave planning was also very manual. From counting how many days were left to double entry, first in the Excel and then in SD Worx ... it couldn't go on like that." So Bart went looking for a digital tool to support him.

"Bringing in Officient as a tool is undoubtedly one of the best ideas we've had at Continuum. It was a world that opened up for us. Especially in terms of data sharing for our employees and tracking HR processes. Everything is much more transparent now."

Bart Waterlot


Workflows and ownership for employees

"Our employees are all digital people, so they are totally fans of the Self Service app. They value having insight into their data, being able to request leave easily, and having access to all documents. There's a lot less emailing back and forth required." That's not the only thing Continuum employees like about Officient. Getting to know Officient starts as early as onboarding! "We made our workflows very detailed to create a structure and overview. The tasks and responsibilities are spread between several people within administration, but with the workflows everything is aligned, and our new employees get a top onboarding!"

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Manual and paper HR administration


Centralizing and digitizing HR administration