How e-BO as a high tech company also offers high-tech HR


e-BO Enterprises is a high-tech partner that develops customized solutions for companies that want to work more efficiently, securely and agile. They build and deploy applications in a hybrid cloud environment and/or a dedicated network infrastructure. With their technological know-how, their customers are sure of an approach that fully complies with the company and its business activities. They also place this drive for innovation and technology in their HR activities.

Strong growth and many onboardings

e-BO has grown a lot in recent years. From 20 to more than 110 employees in less than 7 years! And Evelien Dewaele, their HR Officer and Management Assistant, actively contributed to that. Evelien used to keep everything going with Excel sheets and documents, but that was not sustainable. "The system was actually quite primitive. Now the processes really live within the company. Thanks to the reminders I can send to employees, everything runs much more smoothly."

"The rate at which people come on board can be high, and onboardings through Officient are really less work. The workflows, reminders and digital signatures are especially great. We no longer have to draw up a contract, print it, have it signed by the business manager, scan it, send it, print it again, have it signed, and then have it brought to us on the first day. Everything is done digitally now."

Evelien Dewaele

HR Officer and Management Assistant

HR in the pocket

The Self-Service app is also popular with e-BO employees. "We are a high-tech company and everyone who works here is an IT person. So our employees want an HR system that matches that. Officient is certainly appreciated here, it's an ideal match," says Veronique Bauwens. The employees now manage their own data and are therefore more involved. Thanks to the organizational chart, the employee profile and the calendar, there is an openness that is appreciated. "There are fewer steps needed for good communication, and that's really a win for transparency."

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