How EuroSys always has access to up-to-date documents


Sustainable business is central to EuroSys, and digitisation plays a major role in this. Based on that principle, they support and inspire companies, governments and schools in the implementation of IT solutions. Within their organization, they also like to focus on innovation. That's what brought them to Officient.

How contracts and certificates are kept up to date at all times

Sonja is responsible for contracting and thanks to Officient she can ensure that this is kept up to date. Previously, she had to gather everyone around the table, but now she can send contracts digitally and employees can sign it whenever and wherever they want. Since EuroSys works with technical profiles, keeping certificates up to date is also important. Who has what certificate and when do they expire? Sonja is able to keep track of this quickly with the tool, which enables her to anticipate better and provide a training plan in time.

"Within Officient there is now a powerful solution for keeping certificates up to date. Now we can map everything out and intervene in a timely manner".

Sonja Palmans

Finance & HR

The power of digital HR for Marketing & Sales

EuroSys loves digital and therefore offers their clients digital solutions in the broadest sense of the word. After all, a digital approach within the HR department can also have an impact on other teams. When the classic cabinet with folders can be replaced by a digital archive, accessibility increases. For example, Mark (Commercial Director) can easily log into the HR system and consult the necessary documents.

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EuroSys wanted to update their employee experience for all teams.


Officient's digital tool makes it easier to keep track of up-to-date documents and easily consult them.