How Flow Pilots extends their user-friendliness to HR


Flow Pilots stands for digital usability, for robust interfaces, but above all for making everyday life easier. They build apps that stimulate growth, they develop tools that work for people. And in doing so, they make the digital world more human than ever. We are (rightly) proud that these experts chose Officient.

An interface that creates opportunities

Nobody likes to spend hours searching for information, as Flow Pilots CEO Dewi Van De Vyver knows better than anyone. User-friendliness is her business card, but unfortunately she didn't find that with her payroll provider. Where their tool lacks flexibility, Officient brings peace of mind through its overview and opportunities. Everything comes together in one place. In the personnel file, she finds all data, all employment contracts and all documents in organized folders. Including those of the many freelancers they work with at Flow Pilots. The calendar shows who is or isn't here. Through workflows on- and off-boardings runs remarkably more smoothly and completely.

"In the long run I became too often the bottleneck, the middle man for HR administration. The independence of my people is one of the biggest gains for Flow Pilots."

Dewi Van De Vyver


Growing through insight

Dewi wanted to give her own people more autonomy, let them manage more things themselves. With the Self Service app, she offers her employees that independence. Not only does it give them the possibility of managing their own data, but it also involves them in the entire HR process. This transparency only increases through the communication possibilities of the tool. The communication feature strengthens internal communication, and the integration with Slack increases oversight and insight. This insight can also be found throughout the entire tool. In this way, Officient Flow supports Pilots in their growth. The personnel evolution shows when big jumps are being made, the app shows how long someone has been employed. And that's important, because these things should be celebrated, says Dewi quite rightly.

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Finding a tool that makes HR truly flexible and facilitates it so it is no longer the bottleneck.


The overview, the independence it gives employees and the smooth cooperation with freelancers within Officient prove to be strongholds.