Fast-growing Forum Jobs centralises HR administration that was spread across paper, spreadsheets and mailboxes


Forum Jobs is a fast-growing temporary employment group based in Roeselare. They focus on connecting employees and employers in a human way and with a long-term vision. With 4,500 temporary workers every day, a team of 200 employees and 48 offices throughout Flanders, there was a rapidly growing need to digitise their HR administration.

Payroll and more

Forum Jobs was specifically looking for software to optimize their payroll administration, but with Officient they found much more. There was an immediate click between Forum Jobs' needs and Officient's offer. There is also a solution for holiday requests, expense reports and evaluations. The tool not only saves time, but also increases the efficiency of the HR team. "In addition, it is also user-friendly for our employees. The Self service-app gives them more autonomy and responsibility. This results in better cooperation and greater involvement in the area of HR.

For our HR processes, we used to work a lot with paper, but at a certain point this was no longer feasible. Either we had to employ an army of people to process the paper flow or we had to digitise our HR processes.

Yana Vandekerkhove

Finance Operations Manager at Forum Jobs

Empowering employees

Vacation days are arranged via in Officient with automatic leave counters at Forum Jobs. "The employees at any time know how many leave days remain for them. The absences go automatically to our payroll system, which significantly reduces manual work," says Yana Vandekerkhove. The tree structure that approves or rejects the requests is easily adjustable, so HR always stays at the controls. "Digitizing vacation requests was the main goal," says Yana Vandekerkhove, but other problems were also solved. Managing expenses, for example, had long been on her to-do list. "Our employees were still submitting expenses the traditional way, via a receipt that ended up in the attachment of an email to the accounting department. Then the latter had to collect all the agreements. Only then could the expenses be paid. With, the number of steps and the many mail attachments are seriously reduced."

Forum Jobs
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13 October 2021


Rapid growth and decentralised payroll administration


HR software that centralises and gives employees autonomy