How iChoosr is taking charge of their HR administration


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More overview on the various international branches

Raf Scroyen joined iChoosr in 2019 as People and Organization Manager. The biggest challenge he encountered was the unclear and incomplete personnel information. iChoosr already had branches in different countries, and so was their personnel files scattered too. Each branch was also working with a different tool to keep track of all that information. The administrative process thus took a huge amount of time and was chaotic. Raf wanted to have things be done differently and set out to find a more efficient and less time-consuming solution. He researched what was available and came across Officient. The main requirement was that it was an approachable, flexible and user-friendly tool. This was a match made in heaven!

We no longer have to send an Excel sheet to new employees. Because of Officient, our personnel files are always quickly completed.

Raf Scroyen

People and Organization Manager

HR administration without stumbling blocks

"These days, iChoosr's HR administration is running smoothly," says Raf Schroyen of iChoosr. Thanks to the Self Service app and the automation via Officient's workflows, they have to deal way less with the hard HR tasks. This allows them to focus more on the people themselves. Previously, everything was noted down in to-do lists or on post-its. Now everything is centrally documented and easy to complete through the Self Service app. Recruitment and onboarding are also much more efficient since the advent of Officient. The pace of hiring new employees is lightning fast thanks to iChoosr's rapid and international growth. With Officient, a new employee can onboard flawlessly at the touch of a button. Now they can also interact much faster with their candidates and continue to grow.

Flexibility for all

Finally, Raf also indicates that the flexibility they were looking for more than two years ago is still evident. For example, through our customer service, where they can always contact Officient without any issues. And the employees themselves? They say the system is very intuitive and user-friendly. Right from the start, the new employee gets a positive and very professional experience that runs efficiently. Officient continues to learn and innovate with input from their customers.

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Staff information that was very unclear and incomplete.


A more efficient and less time-consuming solution for their personnel administration.