How Influo cuts out
time-consuming HR


Think software, influencers, brands & agencies, and you think Influo. The SaaS from Ghent ensures that creators and brands can easily find each other and can focus on bringing the brand story to the market. Cool, they thought, can we find a similar system to make our HR administration smarter too?

How they got rid of a common problem
at Influo

Delphine is a Manager for the SME Team Admin Boost and sees the same problem recurring in many companies. That pain point occurs within HR administration, and mainly has to do with the fact that there is no central tool available to put everything in order. Paper and Excel remain the strongholds for the necessary paperwork. This becomes even more difficult if you only work for the company one day a week, like Delphine at Influo. She therefore emphasises how handy it is that all information is kept in Officient. This way, she doesn't have to visit her colleagues to ask for sick notes or other documents. The same goes for employees. Klara, Influencer Marketing Manager, is often on-the-go, but that doesn't stop her from easily consulting all kinds of documents. For example, she can find her payslip in her Self Service app. That's a big step forward in terms of efficiency, both for HR and for employees.

In the past, new employees had to come in to sign their contracts; today, everything can be signed digitally. This is as convenient for them as it is for us.

Delphine Vanhove

Admin booster Liberoo

Simplified processes with
fixed structures

Through Officient, Maarten Kesteloot, co-founder and CEO of Influo, gets the chance to focus on that role. A number of processes regarding HR and administration have been simplified, resulting in a lower workload. Maarten puts the emphasis on requesting and approving leave and on the onboarding of employees. These processes now run faster, according to a fixed structure and in interaction between HR and employees. Is a new colleague starting? Then, using workflows, they go through a fixed checklist of tasks and documents that need to be arranged.

10-50 employees
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Influo lacked a system behind their HR administration that would make processes smarter.


Thanks to Officient, their HR processes have been digitised, allowing them to be carried out in a structured way and from anywhere.