How ION supports their strong growth with Officient


Property developer and real estate investor ION specializes in mixed complex projects. They create speculative developments as well as in Public-Private Partnerships and tailor-made projects for their clients.

Strong growth and many onboardings

ION was growing rapidly, and all onboardings were still done in  quite an analog way. "All contracts and policies had to be signed on paper, then scanned and sorted on a Drive, and the paper version ended up in our folders. The classic administrative operation," says Lies Van Biervliet, HR Business Partner at ION. Getting started with Officient enabled the small HR team to do about 30 onboardings a year. "The Workflows are so convenient. Our onboardings are now consistent, all tasks are in done, the welcome breakfast is always ordered on time, and the organizational chart is up to date."

"Officient is the software that contains everything that is normally in an HR's brain. For example, during our colleague's maternity leave, there was no problem in the transfer of tasks either."

Lies Van Biervliet

HR Business Partner

Improvement in remote work

The implementation of Officient was not only a great gain in efficiency and time savings for HR. Officient is also enjoyed by ION employees. "Officient is so user-friendly, both for managers, HR and employees, that I hardly get any questions about it," says Lies. Employees request their own leave, have visibility of their important documents. "Some work is done from home anyway, and then uploading sick bills and the like is very handy. Our paperwork is always in order this way."

100-200 employees
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September 3, 2019


Many onboardings in an analog and manual manner


Software that equalizes and supports all HR processes