Cabinet De Sutter stays on top of their HR administration


Cabinet De Sutter is responsible for Civil Service, Public Enterprises, Post and Telecommunications. In their work, they put digitalisation first and strive to make Belgium a sustainable country that knows how to be efficient when needed. With Officient, Cabinet De Sutter puts its money where its mouth is within their own HR policy.

Convinced by the leave calendar, pleasantly surprised by the other possibilities

Cabinet De Sutter was quick. The double work of setting up and transferring Excel had to be avoided at all costs. Initially, they came to Officient for the leave calendar. The way we keep track of presences and absences without fuss was a requirement that we fulfilled well, but the tool also proved to offer many possibilities in other areas. In addition to leave, the Cabinet now keeps track of all relevant data about their employees in one system. The centralisation of assets and documents allows them to respond quickly. Also when parliamentary questions are asked. The insights can be read in the tool. What is the situation with regard to gender relations? Is there sufficient regional diversity?

"I asked my ICT Manager to look for a tool to register leave, but quickly discovered that it could do much more. Everything is available digitally and employees can add things themselves in a fun way. As a result, we can now stay on top of our HR even better."

Nathalie De Boelpaep

Cabinet Secretary De Sutter

Efficient, Belgian and sustainable

A cabinet has to stick to tight deadlines. If there is a new hire, this person often starts the very next day. So there is no time to lose, and that leaves little room to work out a real flow or to put everything in order on paper. So, although efficiency was practised from the start, they asked their ICT Manager to conduct market research into opportunities for extra efficiency and speed within HR. The proposition: everything digital, and preferably also local and sustainable. That brought them to Officient. Not only do they move faster, by sending standard mails during onboarding for example, but they now also know how to make their employees excited about an HR tool. For employees, HR is usually a secondary matter, but by offering an interactive alternative, they can encourage them to add things themselves. This way of working is clearly catching on: in the meantime, Cabinet De Sutter has recommended Officient to other cabinets who are also convinced. "I'm proud that I was able to refer my colleagues, it confirms that this was the right choice," says Nathalie.

Cabinet De Sutter
10-50 employees
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Resolutely do away with the red tape within HR, everything is allowed to be digital.


Thanks to Officient, they can collaborate, communicate and gain insights with extra efficiency.