How Kebony avoids a lot of extra work in HR administration thanks to the right tooling


Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Kebony is a leading timber brand. Backed by proven wood modification technologies, it produces improved timber of outstanding quality that is both environmentally friendly and economical. In doing so, they strive to redefine the standards of the timber industry: even treated wood can be a sustainable building material.

One central place to manage and process all HR data and documents

Before Sarah took over HR responsibilities at Kebony, these tasks were performed by different people. But different people also meant different ways of working. There were multiple versions of the same document and everything was stored in local systems. No overview, and even bigger problems if one of those employees left Kebony. Where would they find the data? Sarah looked for a solution that could centralise and streamline everything.

"Once the contract was ready, nothing was done with it. Then our colleague Rita in Norway had to sort everything out, update lists, know that an FTE had been added, know that someone's birthday had to be added. She has a lot of lists in her head of what needs to be done, but if she leaves or gets sick, we have a problem. That's why I want to integrate her lists into workflows as well, so that it all happens automatically."

Sarah Lemmens

Finance Manager Belgium

Less HR burden on blue collar workers

Employees had to deal with too much red tape. Sarah says that her colleagues in production kept track of the planning in an Excel sheet, which had to be checked at the end of the month. Not to mention the interim staff for whom a separate file was kept. After many detours, the planning then ended up with Jef, who provided the input for the social secretariat. The same goes for ordering new work materials. Because we can add clothing sizes in Officient, we can quickly place the right order. "That is a great added value, especially because it allows me to relieve the production staff of this HR process", says Sarah.

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Finding a solution for the scattered HR data, many detours and complex tasks for employees.


In Officient, all HR administration comes together in one place that is easily accessible.