ML6 removes the paper from the closet and replaces it with a fresh HR tool


If you want to describe ML6, the best way to do so is with machine learning and innovation. They strive to drive progress in different sectors with technology. With machine-learning apps and AI that make companies grow fast and sustainable.

A watertight case for digitisation

When Fé Zenner started as HR manager at ML6, she saw the overflowing cabinets and the confusing Excels, and she immediately knew what her first project would be: digitising HR. With a total of nearly 60 employees, including remote colleagues in the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland, there was a need for a central environment to manage all data and their growth. Fé soon realised that the cupboard could not stand to her needs and made a case to digitise everything. And with success. Not much later, all their HR administration was in Officient. Therefore, onboarding more than 30 employees in a short time is no longer a problem with ML6. The well-developed workflows help Fe to make the onboardings as efficient as possible. Moreover, she quickly draws up contracts, has them digitally signed and finds all the information she needs in the tool.

"In terms of usability and freshness, Officient is a perfect fit for ML6: it offers all the functionality we need for our HR administration, without being overly complex and with a good look and feel."

Fé Zenner

HR Manager

An HR app that caters to the needs of digital-minded employees

She does not do these onboardings alone, by the way. In the Self Service app, employees can manage their own data. They log in and immediately receive the request to complete. This intuitiveness and autonomy ensure that employees are also quick to use it and that there is a lot of enthusiasm during the implementation. The app fits well with what ML6 stands for. It is digital, technological and innovative, and above all it offers transparency. "We want everything to be transparent and Officient makes sure that employees have insight in what we keep of them". A good fit to freshness, then.

50-100 employees
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ML6 wanted their HR administration to remain manageable and accessible during their growth.


Officient brings all information and processes together in one central environment, which is also transparent to employees.