With Officient, Movetex's HR department is ready for the future


Movetex builds software that automates and optimizes complex schedules. The software is based on algorithms, and this intelligence can be integrated into existing software via API. They are a company with strong growth ambitions.

Error-free payroll administration

Jan Teurrekens, HR responsible and Operations Manager at Movetex, used to be frustrated with the amount of time he had to spend on payroll processing. With the company's growth plans in mind, he started looking for a tool that could digitize and optimize the entire process. Since the arrival of Officient, and specifically the calendar module, Jan no longer has to go into each individual employee's diaries and employees can request their own leave. This saves time and significantly reduces the risk of errors. Moreover, the time savings with Officient has also avoided the need to hire a new full-time HR employee. For now, anyway, given Movetex's strong growth ambitions!

We were able to digitize almost all of our HR processes in a very short time, due to the valuable features and user-friendliness of the tool. The arrival of Officient was a real quick win for Movetex.

Jan Teurrekens

Operations Manager

Focus on employees and growth

Jan also found other features of Officient interesting. Now he is digitizing the entire HR flow. Evaluation interviews were also digitized with Officient. "There was a need for this, because time flies, and before we knew it, a year had passed without evaluation interviews. But thanks to the reminders in Officient, this now happens on a regular basis." With the digital questionnaires in Officient, everything is thoroughly discussed and the reports are immediately digitized. "Another advantage is that I am no longer disturbed on weekends with work questions," laughs Jan. "Thanks to the Self Service app, employees can now access the necessary documents anytime, anywhere." In short, Officient's impact on Movetex is that they can now fully focus on their employees and growth.

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June 2022


Complex and slow payroll processing


Software that simplifies payroll and other HR tasks