More cooperation within Sortlist's global network

Who's that?

Matching the right people with the right marketing agency is what Sortlist does every day. This proves to be a great success, because only a few years after their start-up, the agency crossed national borders. France and the UK soon had their own branches, but you can also find Sortlist in the US and Canada. They connect people everywhere, but how do they create connection in their own global network of employees?

Committed employees around the world

International human resource management is challenging. Not only do different HR legislations apply everywhere, you have to be able to involve all those people in different countries in the corporate culture. That is why the flexibility of Officient is an added value for Enora, International hr manager. Via the platform, it can adjust institutions according to the needs of each country. Moreover, it can give managers and employees more autonomy and assign responsibilities through the Self Service. In this way, it compensates for the international cooperation. Marie leads the Customer Success Team of 12 employees spread over 5 countries. With Officient, she keeps an overview of who is available and when and can easily approve leave herself. Complex spreadsheets therefore become superfluous.

"What I love is the flexibility of the product. I can configure it the way I want, according to the needs of each country."

Enora Herbillon

With insights and CS to a rock-solid business plan

Thibaut, CEO, rightly attaches great importance to well-founded business planning and likes to fall back on hr analytics for this. Through Officient, he can perform in-depth financial analyses of both teams and individuals, and the centralized data also help provide him with information about which assets are in circulation. This availability of insights helps him to draw up an unshakeable business plan. Not to mention the Customer Success team, which listens time and time again and responds to the growth of the organization.

50-100 employees
Customer since


Sortlist wanted to manage their international team efficiently and clearly with the necessary autonomy for managers and employees.


The centralization of data in Officient ensures that managers can keep an overview and that Sortlist's global network remains connected.