How Techbox uses HR software for seamless communication with employees


To offer the total package of HVAC-S, CEO Kurt Declerck decided to bring together three strong companies with their own specialization - BCV, SDB and Fluxo - into one group, Techbox. Thanks to this merger, they can offer the necessary expertise in ventilation, central heating, plumbing and air conditioning for a project. From design to completion, you have a permanent contact person who will follow your project from A to Z.

Their biggest challenge: creating order

At Techbox, there are currently more than 120 employees. They are often on the road and therefore difficult to reach. Before the arrival of Officient, HR received text messages, whatsapps or e-mails daily. Installers wanted to arrange leave, report illness or had an urgent HR question. Moreover, installers are hardly ever in front of their computer, which meant that passing on or arranging administrative matters was not always easy. Slow and fragmented communication made it difficult to keep an overview. After a conversation with Officient, Ingrid Meesen and Ilse Vannieuwenhuyse, the people responsible for HR at Techbox, were enthusiastic. Since then, things have gone much more smoothly in the HR team in terms of administration and communication. Officient is started up first thing in the morning, so Ingrid and Ilse are immediately aware of certain (work) birthdays and can congratulate the person celebrating! The Officient dashboard keeps them up to date: if someone requested leave or if an address was changed via the Self Service App, they can approve this immediately with one click on the button.

"All communication sent to employees remains stored in Officient, very useful if we need to look up something from the past. Moreover, there is a direct link to our social secretariat, so illness, leave, etc. no longer need to be reported manually."

Ilse Vannieuwenhuyse

HR and Marketing

The starter package at an onboarding

Officient also comes in very handy for onboardings. A new employee at Techbox needs a complete work outfit before they can start. Thanks to the asset feature, Ilse knows exactly who received what piece of equipment. Thanks to the custom fields that Ilse fills in when onboarding, she can hand out the right sizes of work clothes and shoes. This way, every starter is fully equipped from day one!

Continue to grow with Techbox

Techbox also keeps track of the various training courses in Officient. This ensures, among other things, that the obtained certificates are centralized on one platform, which makes it more manageable than before. Ilse also likes to use the communication module. It makes it easy to send information about administration or certain changes to everyone in a few clicks. The employees? Also completely satisfied, mainly with the Self Service app. The shared personnel data, the possibility of easily requesting leave and reporting sickness... It brings HR closer to their mobile employees. Officient is a win-win for HR and Techbox.

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Provide employees on the job with the right HR support


Officient Self Service app makes communication and centralization of HR administration easy