Tempus Home-Nursing takes care of their own people with smooth administration


The Tempus Home-Nursing Team is on the road every day in the Waas and Dender region, looking after people who need it. Noble, but also hard work. How do they ensure that their own people receive the best care? By eliminating the administrative burden as much as possible

How Corona became an important lesson

Niels Van Cauteren, coordinator of Tempus Homecare, gives us an insight into how their HR worked before Officient: the administration was done during meetings and on paper. He himself denounced the cumbersomeness that this entailed, all the more so when Covid-19 put a stop to it. However, he did not throw in the towel and went in search of innovation. For himself, but especially for his team. He found that at Officient. Meetings became workflows, time was saved, insights were gained. Niels and his colleagues discovered that administration can also run smoothly and doesn't have to be a problem. "It's good to realise this", he says.

"Corona made it difficult for us to discuss the administrative side at meetings. It is almost good that we have learned this lesson: digitisation improves processes and is therefore really the future."

Niels Van Cauteren

Tempus Home Care Coordinator

The added value of digital documents and contracts

Niels' team consists mainly of self-employed people, which necessarily means that there is a lot of paperwork involved and that this has to be in perfect order. In the past, they used to meet to do this, but now they have the opportunity to do it digitally. A win-win situation: Niels can focus more on the coordinating role and his team can get on with their work more smoothly. In addition, he also gives plus points for Self Service. His people are on the road a lot, but thanks to their personal app, they see mails arrive with a new contract or document and can sign on the go. Documents and contracts are therefore one of, if not the most important module in Officient for the optimal functioning of Tempus Homecare.

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Simplify, speed up and improve the cumbersome administrative process.


A streamlined and digitised administration, especially in terms of contracts and documents.