How Officient is helping shape HR policy at The List Media


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Starting at the beginning

There weren't really HR processes in place until Bryan Van Bauwel started. He immediately set to work to finding a tool where all HR data could be centralized. Before that, all information was scattered across different tools. The main criterion Bryan had to consider was simplicity. The stuff their employees deal with on a day-to-day basis is complicated enough. So the fact that Officient is such an intuitive tool was a very strong selling point with both management and colleagues.

I compare it to iPhone, anyone can work with it, it is self-explanatory and not too difficult.

Bryan Van Bauwel

HR manager

Never forgetting anything during the on- and offboarding procedure again

Since the advent of Officient, the on- and offboarding in particular have improved. "I find the workflows enormously helpful. You end up knowing high level what needs to be done but there are so many different little steps that I used to sometimes overlook." Documents such as leave certificates, contracts, etc. were also stored on the Drive of different employees. Quite fragmented. If one of those individuals left, it would have been a huge problem. This created a lot of chaos that prevented Bryan from making longterm HR decisions. Since Officient, there is much more transparency and clarity. "Officient's support is just super, I'm always helped so quickly," says Bryan. Both in using the platform and other HR-related questions, our customer service team supports our clients with speed and great knowledge.

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Sept. 2, 2021


Establish a clear and transparent HR policy.


User-friendly tool for their busy employees.