Transport Van Bogaert speeds up the process of drawing up daily contracts and offers employees more clarity about their leave


Transport Van Bogaert is a Belgian family business that assists countless companies with their logistics challenges. From standard transports and deliveries at construction sites to exceptional transports. Their drivers must always be able to present the right documents at the right time and there must be good control of the schedule. These challenges brought them to Officient.

Draw up and distribute daily contracts more quickly

Ann Segers, HR-generalist at Transport Van Bogaert, tells us more about the challenges they had for Officient. They often work with retired drivers to fill certain gaps in the planning (due to leave or illness). For this purpose, a daily contract must always be drawn up, which quickly took 20 to 30 minutes. Draw up a document, adapt the data, print it out, sign it and make a copy for the truck itself. She repeated this process up to 30 times a month, which quickly cost her 13 hours of administrative work. With her background in IT, she was looking for improvements in efficiency and ended up at Officient. Now she draws up a contract in less than 5 minutes and saves over 10 hours a month in administration. And the employees benefit from this as well. Various laws, both at home and abroad, require drivers to have their paperwork with them, since their vehicle is their workplace. Just think of A1 forms, Secondment France (Macron Act) and so on. Thanks to Officient, every driver has all the right documents with them on a daily basis, without having to lug around a mountain of paper. This proved to be very useful during the corona-crisis: employees could easily keep track of documents concerning the curfew and moving across borders.

"We make about 30 daily contracts a month. Before Officient, it took a minimum of 20 minutes per contract: document creation, data modification, running DIMONA, making double copy for own admin and in the truck, signing off. Now I can do it in 5 minutes, so instead of 13 hours a month, I only spend 3.5 hours on it."

Ann Segers

HR Generalist

More clarity on leave counting and recording

There was a lot of ambiguity and cumbersomeness about leave. Employees were left with questions about how many vacation days they still had or when they could take it. In addition, at the end of the year, there was often discussion about when exactly the leave had been taken. Thanks to Officient, all Transport Van Bogaert employees can easily consult their counters and immediately plan their leave. The speed with which leave is requested is also good for Ann: the quicker she has an overview of who is on leave and when, the quicker she can pass this on to the planner to prepare the trips. Moreover, there is never any discussion about when leave has been taken. The employees can see for themselves when they were absent during the year.

Additional fields as an advantage

In order to save time, Ann wanted to keep personal details in an orderly fashion. The extra fields in Officient help her do that. She can add frequently recurring data, such as ID-cards and driving licenses of drivers, in the extra fields of the tool. In this way, she can easily find all the documentation in the employee's profile.

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Transport Van Bogaert wanted to save time and increase efficiency through digitalisation.


A digitalised flow for the creation and distribution of documents and a Self Service app for consulting leave records and counters.