How digitisation creates opportunities at Van de Calseyde Hydraulics


With its 100 years of existence, Van de Calseyde is a fixed value in port of Ghent and far beyond. Specialized in high-pressure hoses and couplings, they distribute their products over a network of more than 300 Belgian companies and often take care of depannelings in port areas. Strong for a family business, and we hoped to make them even stronger with Officient.

The opportunities of digitization

A lot of processes were worked out completely on paper. This caused a great deal of cumbersomeness that demanded a lot of time. What's more, it was a contrast to the start-up environment Arnaud was used to. There, digital working was a given, so he knew the advantages. As HR manager, he saw many opportunities in it: to avoid cumbersome processes and extra paperwork, to save time on trivial tasks and also for the productivity of our employees.

"What used to take an hour a day has now been reduced to less than an hour a week."

Arnaud Van de Calseyde

General Manager

Traditional versus automatic

Traditionally, requesting leave was done on paper. Employees had to print out a document, fill it in and give it to their foreman. The latter then looked at the possibilities on a large calendar (with fluorescent pens, of course). After approval, the papers were sent to Arnaud for classification and transmission to the payroll partner. Officient and especially the calendar module bring relief. By working digitally, Van de Calseyde Hydraulics can now work more efficiently. Employees request their leave through Self Service, foremen have an overview of the shift calendar in their app and can approve requests in one go. And Arnaud can send the calendar in its entirety for payroll processing. The time savings are enormous according to Arnaud: what used to be an hour's work a day has now been reduced to just under an hour a week.

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Van de Calseyde Hydraulics wanted to avoid excessive paperwork and save time on unnecessary processes.


They chose Officient as their digital solution for HR. This allows them to speed up processes by making them more efficient.