Why strong HR tooling was essential for Vlerick Business School when choosing a new social secretariat


The name Vlerick probably rings a bell: as a leading educational institution, they have been among the best business schools in the world for years. The rankings don't lie. Their teaching packages consist of a perfect mix of theoretical and practical insights, their tradition of innovative and independent research, and their expertise of several internationally renowned lecturers. How does a management school of that calibre tackle their own HR management?

Central and especially accurate data processing

Maintaining control of their HR data and ensuring it remains accurate is a challenge for many companies. With over 200 employees, all kinds of collaborations and different people involved in data management, this becomes even more complex at Vlerick Business School. By switching to Besox in combination with implementing Officient, they have taken a big step towards professionalizing their data management. Thanks to the possibilities in the area of access control, only authorized people have access to the data relevant to them, which benefits the correctness of the data.

"We also experienced the benefits of the system during Corona. It allowed us to easily and efficiently distribute the necessary Corona certificates to our employees. And the communication and registration of homework was also easily achieved through Officient."

Kirby Van Laere

HR Manager Vlerick Business School

The opportunities of a user-friendly
Self Service

Vlerick Business School is very much in favour of giving employees more autonomy. When they explored Besox and its integration with Officient, they were pleasantly surprised by the possibilities offered by our Self Service app. Through Officient's Self Service, HR could easily and quickly provide their employees with the necessary Covid documents. By registering telework in the tool, employees in turn can see the location of their team members. Now that we are returning to our offices and companies are thinking about hybrid working, it remains a great advantage for Vlerick to be able to provide clarity to their employees about their availability.

Vlerick Business School
100-200 employees
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6 November 2019


Finding a social secretariat that evolves with their needs in terms of service and HR tooling


They chose Besox who, thanks to a customer-oriented approach and integration with the most user-friendly HR software, perfectly met their needs.