How Wooclap is automating their HR administration and processes


Wooclap is a software tool to encourage interaction, hold attention and measure understanding. With more than 18 interactive question types, Wooclap helps teachers and trainers get more out of their lessons.

Labor-intensive performance reviews

Anabela Coutinho already had more than 20 years of HR experience when she started at Wooclap in 2021. So the processes and administration for more than 50 people were not unfamiliar to her. However, a lot of time crept into it. HR was done with a complex system of Google Sheets and Documents, Notion folders and emails. "Creating, sending out and tracking over 50 performance review templates was really taking too much time. So I started looking for an HR software that could help me pick up some speed." With Officient, Anabela has to spend less time on administration. This allows her to be more productive on strategic projects, training and performance.

It used to take two people about thirty days to complete a performance review cycle. Now it takes me alone about ten days. A huge difference!

Anabela Coutinho

Head of People Experience

Automating HR administration

"I strongly believe that everything that can be automated should be automated. That way you can focus on strategy and people, and that's what matters. Because you can have the best benefits, the nicest pay package, the best of everything, but if you don't take care of people, they will leave." So Anabela is very happy with Officient. With automatic reminders, the ability to send personalized messages in bulk and a central HR database, Anabela can focus on her employees. Those employees also enjoy using the Self Service app, where they can request vacation, check leave budgets and report sick days.

50-100 employees
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July 15, 2021


Decentralized and labor-intensive HR administration


A platform that automates HR processes