The importance of employee development

In our HR Masterclass video series, we present HR challenges to experts from various fields. They shed light on common obstacles and provide workable solutions.

There is still a prevailing idea that training costs a lot of time and money. Yet it is true that development helps to keep employees happy and motivated. Moreover, it ensures that they will perform better and stay longer within an organisation.

Since 78% of the employees would like to follow a training course, there is clearly a lot of interest in growing within an organisation. Training is therefore definitely a subject to spend time on. HR can be a strategic partner for management here. Take control and use the tips and advice of Elsie van Geit, product manager at Cevora

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"Officient is the most efficient solution to scale your HR organisation."
Thibaut Vanderhofstadt
CEO & Co-founder Sortlist
"The purchase of Officient was a no-brainer. As an SME owner, I had to do a lot of payroll administration myself. While now most of these processes can be automated."
Stijn Blomme
Managing Director, webdoos
"The integrated approach, all employee data in one place. Even digital signing is provided. This is HR administration mastered at a new level."
Marc De Swaef
Managing director ACCEL
"With Officient, we finally have a user-friendly overview of all our HR data and a way to gain insights quickly."
Evelyn Broeckx
Office manager Foreach
"Thanks to Officient, we can manage the entire hard side of HR (contracts, salary information, personal data...) all from one platform."
Fé Zenner
HR & finance manager intuo
"An intuitive solution that still amazes us in terms of its impact on our office and HR management.
Steven Pepermans
COO & co-founder Dropsolid