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Agencies are opting for digitalisation and growth as much and as quickly as possible to stay ahead of the competition. This requires a specific approach when it comes to HR .

Think of the many talented freelancer profiles, the large data inflow with a growing team and the demand for more autonomy from employees. How do you approach the automation of that administration?

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Leave planning

Processes that make applying for leave more complicated than it is? You would prefer to get rid of them. Process leave requests with a clear calendar and approval flow within the same tool.

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Centralisation HR-data

Constantly switching between tools to manage your permanent staff and your freelancers can be frustrating. Store all data and documents in one digital place, regardless of their type of employment contract.

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You'd rather not enter the mountain of data that new employees bring with them manually. Automate your onboarding with a fixed checklist so that you always go through the process in time and in full.

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"I became too often the middle man to adjust HR administration. The independence of my people is one of the biggest gains."

Dewi Van De Vyver, CEO

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Offer autonomy to employees

Officient also helps you to eliminate the middle man and to give your employees more autonomy and transparency. The Self Service app also allows them to carry out HR tasks quickly and easily on the go.

  • Days off requests
  • Consult payslips
  • Manage data
  • Upload documents

Link your existing HR tools

Finally, to complete the package, we integrate with your favourite HR and payroll tools. New hire recruited via Recruitee? Then that data automatically arrives in Officient. Want to send in performance data at the end of the month? One click and all data is sent to your social secretariat.

Thanks to our open API, you can also link other tools of your choice to Officient, such as communication or planning tools.

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